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A free trial
[object] scientific research institutions and students, teachers, relevant enterprises and institutions.
[activity time] September 2017 10 to December 31, 2017
[application mode] Internet application, download the attachment, fill in the application form, and send it to the mailbox rong.xia@masios.com.
Download the application form for download
[activity description]
1, our company can customize, modify the relevant trial application rules and make announcement on website and public number.
2. This activity is restricted to the relevant research institutions and students, teachers and related enterprises and institutions.
3, please download the attachments and fill in our application mailbox rong.xia@masios.com. Our company will make an independent judgment according to your application and decide whether to accept your application.
4, once your application is successful, our company will arrange for the Commissioner to contact you and arrange shipment.
5, you voluntarily undertake the risk of the quality of the trial products, logistics, design defects and other risks. The trial products you apply for are not purchased in cash or other payment methods. Therefore, the test supplies are non commodity, you are not consumers, and do not enjoy the 7 day refund of the "People's Republic of China consumer rights protection law", but our company is obliged to assist. You solve related problems, and you are also obliged to feedback to our company about product information such as defects, problems and so on.

What would you like to do?

Understand the work products.

Vibrating string reinforcement meter, vibrating string surface/embedded strain gauge,

Learn about application scenarios

Bridge, tunnel, highway slope, municipal foundation pit, subway rail transit, reservoir dam,