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Slope online monitoring

Slope online monitoring

The purpose of establishing a slope-slope structure-monitoring system is to determine the safety of the slope structure and to monitor the bearing capacity, operational status, and durability of the support structure so as to meet the requirements for safe operation. The main purposes are the following aspects: Effective monitoring of the slope stability, correcting the impact of various parameter errors affecting the support structure on the supporting structure in the construction process, and ensuring that the supporting structure meets safety requirements during operation. The monitoring data reflect the factors that may cause slope instability on the slope, including rainfall, slope surface displacement and so on. Traditionally, the monitoring of the slope can be carried out by manual visual inspection or information obtained by means of portable instruments. However, the manual slope inspection method has great limitations in practical applications. The development of online health monitoring technology is very good. The solution to the deficiencies in the current traditional manual detection.

Slope monitoring content

(1) Environmental monitoring, mainly for the monitoring of temperature and humidity and rainfall;

(2) Deformation observations of the slope, including settlement, uneven settlement of the key points of the slope, deep deformation of the soil, etc.;

(3) Retaining wall force monitoring, including the strain of the retaining wall, the force of the retaining wall bolt, etc.;

(4) The deformation of the retaining wall is mainly the inclination monitoring of the retaining wall;

(5) Earth pressure and pore water pressure monitoring;

(6) Water level monitoring.

Slope construction process monitoring

Slope operation monitoring

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