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Subway online monitoring

Subway online monitoring

As a new mode of transportation, urban rail transit develops rapidly with its incomparable advantages and plays an increasingly important role in urban public transportation. Through monitoring the main structure of the subway, collecting monitoring data, recording rectification plans, systematically collating and accumulating data, timely grasping the deformation of existing subway construction operations, and summing up experiences and lessons, providing reliable basis for disease control, and Provide reference for future related engineering design, construction, operation and maintenance units. The main technical parameters of traditional detection are manually measured by the traditional manual instrument to the site. The workload of safety inspection is large and affected by many factors such as weather, labor, and site conditions. There are certain systematic errors and human errors. At the same time, manual detection also has the disadvantage of not being able to detect various technical parameters in a timely manner, and it is difficult to grasp the safety technical indicators of the project in a timely manner. All these affect the safety production and management of the project. The implementation of the automatic monitoring system during the subway operation period facilitates the enterprises and safety supervisory departments to quickly grasp the latest developments in technical indicators closely related to engineering safety, and is conducive to the timely mastery of the operation status and safety status of the project. The expected goal of the automated monitoring system is to ensure the safety of subway operations, give full play to the benefits of project engineering, and better serve safe production.

Monitoring content

(1) Building settlement monitoring

(2) Building (bridge pier) slope

(3) Underground pipeline subsidence and differential settlement monitoring

(4) Surface settlement monitoring

(5) Horizontal Displacement Monitoring of Pile Top of Enclosure Structure

(6) Horizontal displacement of pile body of retaining structure (soil body)

(7) Support axis force monitoring

(8) Groundwater level observation

(9) Layered vertical displacement monitoring of soil

Monitoring project

Metro online safety monitoring mainly includes subway interval monitoring and subway station pit monitoring.

Subway pit monitoring


Subway interval monitoring


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