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High-model online monitoring program

High-model online monitoring program

The high support stencil system refers to a stencil and its support system that is higher than or equal to 8m. In the construction of viaduct piers, bridges, etc., it is necessary to use high formwork for construction. Most of the piers used for viaduct piers fall into the category of high modulus. The high security status of the model relates to the safety of the personnel of the project. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the collapse of the formwork has become the first and largest accident in construction and production safety. High-profile safety conditions should be taken seriously.


Design Principles and References

The monitoring of high molds must be closely integrated with the actual conditions of the project, combined with the development of related technologies. The design of the high-profile on-line monitoring system mainly refers to the following technical data:

1."Code for Design of Steel Structures" GB50017-2014;

2.“Unified Standard for Construction Quality Acceptance of Construction Engineering” GB 50300-2001;

3."Code for acceptance of construction quality of concrete structures" GB 50204-2002;

4."Architectural construction socket socket type steel pipe bracket safety technical specification" JGJ231-2010;

5.“Guidelines for construction safety supervision and management of tall formwork support systems for construction projects” Jianshe [2009] No. 254;

6."Provisional Regulations on the Administration of Attached Scaffolds for Construction Construction" Jianjian [2000] No. 230;

7."Computer Site Safety Requirements" GB/T9361-1988.

Major monitoring projects

In combination with the structural features and usage scenarios of the high mold, the main monitoring items are as follows:

1)Stent/template settlement;

2)Vertical shaft force;

3)The rod is tilted.

The number and location of monitoring points should be comprehensively considered for monitoring purpose, monitoring object, monitoring method and monitoring cost. Use the most economical monitoring methods and reasonable point arrangements to complete the monitoring of target audiences.

Stent/template subsidence monitoring When selecting monitoring methods, the following aspects should be considered: 1. The cost is controllable. 2. Accuracy can meet the use requirements. 3. The installation of the equipment is as simple as possible. It is best not to affect the structure. Based on this, the settlement and horizontal displacement of the bracket in this project are monitored with a high-precision laser range finder.

Pole axial force monitoring Most high-profile stents are constructed from steel tubes. As a long and thin structure, if the axial force is too large, it may cause structural instability and cause accidents. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the axial force of the pole. The axial force of the structure is monitored by an axial force meter.

Tilt monitoring During the use of the scaffold, excessive tilting of the bracket can easily cause the bracket to collapse. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the tilt of the bracket in real time. Once the tilt of the bracket is found to be too large, measures are taken to ensure the safety of the structure and personnel. The inclination of the rod is monitored using a cassette fixed inclinometer. The inclination of x, y can be monitored in real time.


According to the actual situation at the scene, you can choose the networking mode flexibly. There are the following two transmission methods to choose from.

Wired networking mode:The sensor is connected to the collector via a cable. Connect to a portable computer to connect the acquisition device to complete data acquisition.


Wireless networking mode:The sensor is connected to the zigbee node, and the nodes and the collection box are connected wirelessly to complete the data acquisition.


Warning function

The warning threshold is determined after consulting the relevant specifications and after theoretical analysis. Due to the complex working conditions of the high-supporting model, multi-level warnings need to be set to deal with different working conditions to prevent false alarms from being reported. The user can view the warning information through the software and can set the SMS alarm function of the mobile phone.


Early warning information report browsing

Information push

The system has a good report function, can automatically generate various reports.

l  Daily report: Key data daily report of each parameter (including extremum, mean, characteristic value, etc.)

l  Weekly, monthly, and annual reports: Key data reports for each parameter (mainly statistical reports for status assessment)

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