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Tailings bank online monitoring

Tailings bank online monitoring

China, as a non-coal metal mine producing country, has the following unfavorable factors in the tailings pool: First, the size of the tailings of the dam is fine, and because of the fine grain size of the tailings, the fine tailings have low mechanical strength, poor permeability, and are not easily consolidated. , resulting in poor stability of the dam; second, more upstream dams, China's current 85% of the tailings pond using the upstream method to build a dam, the stability of the dam than the downstream method and the midline method of dam construction is poor; third is the tailings library Safety design standards are low. China, as a developing country, has relatively low construction standards for tailings reservoirs such as flood control, earthquake resistance, and dam stability compared with developed countries. Fourth, it is threatened by earthquakes. China is a multi-seismic country. Earthquake-proof and earthquake-resistance of tailing ponds is an important issue. Fifth, the consequences of the accident are serious. China has a large population and it is difficult for tailings ponds to avoid residential areas and important industrial and transportation facilities. Once a crash occurs, the loss is huge.

Tailings store online monitoring content

(1) Reservoir area monitoring module;

(2) Dam seepage line monitoring;

(3) Dam displacement monitoring, including surface displacement, internal displacement, horizontal displacement, settlement monitoring;

(4) Rainfall monitoring;

(5) Dry beach monitoring, including elevation of beach top, length of dry beach, slope of dry beach, etc.;

(6) Leakage monitoring.

Tailings bank online health system composition

On-line health monitoring content and parameters of tailings


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