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The function of the work signal monitoring system

The function of the work signal monitoring system

(1) Remote monitoring: remote automatic online monitoring, manual control, even at a thousand miles can also control the situation at any time and place;

(2) Real-time monitoring: 24 hours of continuous monitoring, real-time data collection, to ensure that the first time to understand the scene;

(3) Reduce costs: No need to build a huge computing system, reduce hardware and software cost maintenance investment. Simply pay a simple service fee and enjoy services such as massive data processing.

(4)    Scientific assessment: Equipped with high-level talents to evaluate data for each structure, and make scientific assessment of monitoring results so that monitoring will have more practical significance;

(5) SMS alarm: set multi-level warning value, which can send alarm information to the customer's mobile phone or other terminal through SMS, etc., so that the customer can sit back and relax;

(6) Convenient and quick: Simple access through the Internet, as long as there is a network to view the structure of the operation at any time, improve the end-user management, maximize the use;

(7) Mass storage: Customer data can be stored on the cloud platform for a long time, complete, and massive, saving time and confidence;

(8) Data Security: Establishing a multi-level access mechanism to protect customers' data with limited protection and safety;

(9)    Green: No need for computer to calculate data in large quantities, which reduces space and electricity maintenance costs, energy saving and low carbon, and environmental protection.


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