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Shenzhen gongxun technology - intelligent detection of communication tower

With the rapid development of China\'s communication industry, the number of communication base stations is also increasing, for the operation and maintenance of the communication tower need to invest a lot of manpower and material resources, including communication tower tilt monitoring is the most important maintenance, the most intuitive monitoring content. The huge iron tower monitoring can greatly reduce the maintenance cost through wireless sensor technology, internet of things technology and so on, and realize large-scale and intelligent management.

Temperature control of pier cap of a highway north extension project in Hubei pr

The north extension project of a road in Hubei province is 3.44 km long, including a 220 m down-going tied arch bridge. In the process of concrete pouring of arch bridge pier cap, it is necessary to monitor the hydration temperature of concrete in real time to guide the site construction personnel, timely according to the temperature change, internal water, reduce the temperature, achieve high quality maintenance effect.

Monitoring of steel structure corridor of ultra - high - limit building in a uni

In the information and photoelectric college building under construction in a university of science and technology, the long-span steel structure is used to build the corridor, which forms a special irregular high-rise building. The steel structure corridor span is about 40 meters, width is about 15 meters, the height from the ground is about 10 meters. A real-time monitoring and early warning system is built for the whole process of the steel structure corridor, and the health state of the steel structure corridor is monitored.

Intelligent on-line monitor case of uneven settlement of building

A bid section of a city rail transit construction, wear from the bottom of the building. In order to ensure the structural safety of the building, all columns in the building are equipped with differential pressure deformation measurement sensors, and an intelligent settlement monitoring system is built to monitor the non-uniform settlement of the building in real time, so as to provide data support for grouting reinforcement in the process of underpass construction and ensure the structural safety of the building. This system is composed of differential pressure type deformation measurement sensor ( static level ), digital signal acquisition system, wireless remote transmission dtu and cloud platform.