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Shenzhen gongxun technology - intelligent online monitoring of tilt of communica

The relevant provisions of the technical requirements for the operation and maintenance of communication towers stipulate that routine patrol and maintenance shall be increased in case of strong winds of magnitude 8 or above, thunderstorms, earthquakes of

Tunnel settlement convergence measurement - wireless laser ranging system

Radio frequency signal and GPRS can be used in wireless laser ranging system. When there is no mobile phone signal in the tunnel, wireless data acquisition by radio frequency signal, effective transmission distance of 300 m - 1500 m, construction environm

Industrial information technology - production workshop display

Our industrial information technology production base is located in dongguan city, with independent r & d production capacity and advanced production and testing equipment. our sensors and monitoring equipment monitor the stress, strain, tensile and compr

Brief introduction of intelligent structure monitoring system

Intelligent structural health monitoring is a structural health wireless monitoring system which integrates sensors and wireless acquisition and transmission equipment in the structure, combines with the big data cloud platform, and endows structural heal

Bridge structure safety monitoring - significance of bridge health monitoring

After the completion of the bridge, the strength and stiffness of the bridge decrease with the passage of time due to the effects of climate, structure, material, dynamic load and so on. bridge health monitoring is of great significance to bridge safety a

Collapse of platform in Guangzhou power plant under construction - structural sa

On March 25, 2017, 9 people were killed and 2 injured in the collapse of the construction platform being laid under the steel roof panel of the garbage storage pit of the seventh thermal power plant under construction in tankou village, aotou town, conghu